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Changing Lives Through Hearts


TASSEL is a non-profit organization focused on changing the lives of rural Cambodians through English education; teaching job creation; food and medicine aid; and sponsorships.

Cambodia still has not recovered from the the trauma brought on by the Khmer Rouge, a brutal regime that took hold over Cambodia during 1970s. 90% of teachers and doctors were killed during that time.  Although socioeconomic progress is being made, Cambodia remains one the of the poorest nations in the world. A key bottleneck in this country is the lack of schools and teachers and the ability for students to learn English.  Universities depend on English language textbooks but most cannot fully comprehend them. Providing free English education to children in rural areas allows them to access higher education and lift Cambodia out of poverty. TASSEL also provides food and medical aid to the poorest children and families with no able wage earners. The organization is built on a foundation of service and community, impacting the hearts of students, teachers, and volunteers alike.


All photography provided by TASSEL members.



Founded in 2012, TASSEL has grown to encompass humanitarian aid for villagers and a tight knit community, in addition to English education for rural Cambodian children. From daily, continuous English lessons by foreign volunteers or family visits, TASSEL aims to impact the lives of all who are involved.

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International volunteers teach English remotely and in person,  as well as provide food/medicine aid as well as sponsorships typically through chapters in their schools or communities. TASSEL offers full transparency to all its donors and fundraisers, assuring that 100% of the provided funds are directed towards helping those in need.

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