The TASSEL Family

The TASSEL family is comprised of three populations who interact daily.

Everybody both gives and receives.


Cambodian Children, Families, Villagers

...who receive free, high quality, continuous English education as well as food aid, clothes, healthcare access, sponsorships and personal care.

The Cambodians we serve are mostly the poorest of the poor in rural villages who have no access to good education and are deprived of food and health care.  Many of the children, adults and the elderly are from broken families and also have emotional needs.

 Approximately 2200 students, aged 7-20, study English daily in five villages,   and more than 100 families who do not have stable income earners receive temporary food aid. Many more receive clothes, medicine, hospital access and personal care. The villages TASSEL currently serve are in the Battambang and Kampong Cham provinces.


High potential Cambodian University students and young Adults

...who receive training, funding, and English teaching jobs. 

They are the true enablers for the children, the families, villagers and foreign volunteers.

27 local teachers are deployed to villages to teach English daily, assist foreign volunteers' English classes, as well as visit homes to provide food, clothes and psychological care to the children, their families, and other villagers.

Most of them, in addition to having this responsibility during the week, also attend university on weekends or in the evenings. They are role models for the future generations of Cambodia as they work not only to teach the children English and values but also help educate volunteers about the needs of their fellow Cambodians.


Qualified international volunteers

...who teach English weekly over video-conference, donate, fundraise, and spread awareness. 

Many also come to Cambodia in the summer to teach, distribute food, medicine, and clothes; and provide personal care through family visits. They give of themselves but are reciprocally transformed by the children, families, villagers and teachers, and grow as humanitarians.

 Approximately 800 volunteers, organized into high school, university, or church, "chapters" interact weekly with the Cambodian children and teachers over video-conference and meet regularly with community members to spread awareness and solicit aid for Cambodia.  Volunteers are admitted through written application and interviews.