Shuli Ko

Seisen international school, tokyo, japan

TASSEL volunteers Shuli Ko and Nidhi Jaju teaching their class in Samrang via VSee.

TASSEL volunteers Shuli Ko and Nidhi Jaju teaching their class in Samrang via VSee.

What makes TASSEL different from other clubs on campus? How has TASSEL impacted your life? How does the TASSEL club impact your school?

Throughout my three years of being a volunteer for TASSEL, each year has been a slightly different experience for me. I was a VSEE teacher in my first year and have continued to teach every year, as I truly enjoy the direct and intimate interaction I have with the children in Cambodia every week. Last year, as the fundraising co-chair and treasurer, my partner and I spoke at multiple school events about what the Seisen TASSEL Chapter does, and organized fundraising events throughout the year in order to raise funds to support the Cambodian families. This year, as the co-president of the Seisen Chapter, my goal is to keep a close communication with Joji and be accessible by all officers and members whenever they need guidance.

As I engaged myself heavily with TASSEL, it kindled my passion in helping people through what I can do as an individual who has had the privilege to receive many years of education and has grown up in a supportive environment. Other activities I do such as speech, MUN, tennis, student council, and learning Mandarin are all valuable experiences that have helped me gain new skills. However, I feel that TASSEL is my most meaningful commitment that has influenced what I want to do after I graduate high school—to create a world where more people are living in a comfortable environment in which they can pursue their passion without worrying about not having their basic needs met.

We have emphasized to students in the Seisen Chapter to give themselves, make TASSEL a more personal experience, and involve their family into TASSEL. As we encourage students to talk about the reality of Cambodia and what we need to do to their parents, grandparents, and teachers that would be interested in supporting TASSEL, we hope to emphasize that TASSEL does not stop at teaching phonics. TASSEL is not just a high school club where we teach phonics to a group of children every week for forty minutes, but a community that cares about the needs of each child and the child’s family. I believe that TASSEL has created a sense of community within our school, as the teachers, parents, and students involved are all working towards a unanimous goal: to give with love.