Paurnima Ghotikar


What has TASSEL taught you? Why should others join?

TASSEL volunteer Paurnima Ghotikar

TASSEL volunteer Paurnima Ghotikar

Most people underestimate how much there is to learn from a student. I was one of those people; however, this experience led me to grow and learn from these Cambodian kids. They have impacted my life more than I can ever impact theirs. I wish I could do so much more for them. We all think that we have worked hard in our lives, but, truth be told, we have not even worked half as hard as these kids have. While we work for video games and cars, they work for food and shelter.

Yes, we teach them English, but they teach us what compassion and passion truly are. They teach us to persevere through what is tough, and enjoy what it isn’t. TASSEL taught me to realize that what you see happening on TV is actually happening, and there are ways to provide direct help. The Cambodian children showed me what I need to do to make a better place.

They are living the horror stories heard on TV. Yet, they come to you to learn English. Something that I barely think about is a powerful tool to them. I am proud to call myself a TASSEL teacher. I am proud to call myself a friend to those bright eyed, little children. Join TASSEL not because you simply want to make a difference, but to see a tangible difference being made through every lesson and fundraiser. Work hard so these innocent kids have food to eat and books to read.  We need to work a little bit harder, so these kids can work a little less. If we strain ourselves even a little more, they can worry less about where the next meal is coming from or what will happen to their sick mother. Be a TASSEL teacher. I love these kids, and you will too.