Yuuki Shimizu, Tokyo

My name is Yuuki Shimizu and I am part of the KIST Chapter based in Tokyo. I was involved in TASSEL from grade 11 and I taught VSee class from January to April. My trip to Cambodia was one of the best experience I’d ever had and enhanced my understanding on TASSEL. Since it was my first year in TASSEL, my understanding about TASSEL was very shallow and I used to think that TASSEL was just about teaching English. However, my understanding was deepened when I went on the trip to Cambodia. Throughout the trip I learned the value of English education but I learned that it was more than that. TASSEL is also about giving love to people.

The whole TASSEL family is caring and I learned that TASSEL not only teaches English to the students but also teaches what it means to be a good person.I felt so much love being in part of the TASSEL family. Although I knew that TASSEL was changing people’s lives, seeing what TASSEL is doing in person: the family visits, smiles of the children, and the families made it very real for me and motivated me to do more for TASSEL.

Since this trip was my first experience in a developing country, it impacted my life in many ways. I learned to appreciate my life more and not to take even the small things in my life for granted, including the  cup of coffee that I buy every morning on my way to school. Most importantly I also realized that I need to improve as a person and need to be more caring and loving to others. My life goal is to use my photography and videography skills and travel to world to tell stories of people who are need for help and raise awareness to the young generations so that they take action to help.

If I could describe my experience in Cambodia in one word it is,” love.” The TASSEL family in Cambodia was very loving, and was very caring as well. We foreigners were welcomed with warm hearts and they even wished good luck in our own country despite suffering from the harsh conditions in Cambodia.

Overall this trip was very life changing to me and made me more aware of the issues around the world which motivated me to do more to help the people in need.