Minji Kim

CRESCENTa valley, california, usa

TASSEL volunteer Minji Kim

TASSEL volunteer Minji Kim

3 Words that Describe TASSEL


All teachers and students form a bond through education and compassion. Although TASSEL’s goal is to teach English to these students and provide them with English education, its main focus is to create strong relationships within the community. All teachers and students support and guide each other to grow to be compassionate for one another and become better people. 


Through this organization we are able to learn the value of sacrifice. We have learned to put others before ourselves and no matter how busy we are, we always put TASSEL before and pour in our hearts inside and outside of teaching. Student volunteers, like myself, learn to put the students before our needs and to truly take care of them and assume responsibility.


TASSEL members have power, not only the power to change the lives of the Cambodian children but also to raise awareness about the current situation in Cambodia and spread that awareness in school and our communities. TASSEL teaches students that they don’t have to be adults in order to accomplish great things; even high school and college students are able to transform the lives of these children with their passion to serve.