Devon Liu


TASSEL volunteer Devon Liu

TASSEL volunteer Devon Liu

What has been most rewarding about being a part of TASSEL? What has TASSEL taught you?

The most rewarding part of TASSEL has been all of the moments where one of my students get a question correct or finally masters a pronunciation or concept, and the rest of the class cheers and claps for them. I cherish those moments because the kids are all truly happy for each other’s accomplishments and they all want each other to improve and learn. Some students even help their peers when someone is having trouble and their actions personify everything I love about TASSEL. They are not just students to me, but scholars, in their eagerness to learn and willingness to help in the advancement of each other’s benefit and learning ability. In their encouragement for each other, I have learned to be truly appreciative of my education and friendships that I had previously taken for granted. Their camaraderie, desire and drive to be educated set them apart from students near me. Unlike my Cambodian students, my school peers tend to constantly compete with each other, trying to outsmart one another rather than building up knowledge together. 

However, through TASSEL, the love everyone has for one another has taught me that in helping others understand a concept, you too are benefiting. Moreover, it’s not about becoming academically dominant over someone, but in the lessons you discover along the way. In TASSEL, people learn through group collaboration, one-on-one lessons, and individual studying. In working together, they portray their true character and motivation to grasp the subject they study. I believe TASSEL not only teaches good character, but also forms intellectuals who do not think selfishly and for themselves -- instead they become people who consider the needs of others. However, they are also responsibly taking care of themselves as they cannot help someone else if they are physically or mentally unable to attend to their own needs appropriately. TASSEL provides these truly special people with the opportunity to grow and help bring their country out of poverty. Everyone involved with TASSEL is incredibly caring, something that should be an aspiration for others. I am so thankful to be a part of this organization, and TASSEL has put my own life into perspective, allowing me to realize how fortunate I am. It inspires me to become a better person who is more helpful and selfless towards others.