Chapter List

The following chapters are recognized by TASSEL, Inc.

US-based Chapters: 

  1. Bronxville High School/New York, USA

  2. The Chicago Chapter/Chicago, USA

  3. The Coppell Chapter/Coppell, USA

  4. Crescenta Valley High School/California, USA

  5. The Florida Chapter/Florida, USA

  6. Hoover High School/California, USA

  7. Indiana University/Indiana, USA

  8. Indiana High School/Indiana, USA

  9. Kardia Church/California, USA

  10. The New York Chapter/New York, USA

  11. South Pasadena High School/California, USA

  12. University of California - Berkeley/California, USA

  13. University of California - Los Angeles/California, USA

  14. University of Nebraska- Lincoln/Nebraska, USA

  15. University of Southern California/California, USA

  16. Van Nuys High School/California, USA

Asia-based Chapters: 

     1. Tokyo West/Tokyo, Japan

     2. International School of Sacred Heart/Tokyo, Japan

     3. Seoul/Seoul, South Korea

     4. Shekou International School/Shenzhen, China

     5. Singapore American School/Singapore

    6. Tokyo East/Tokyo, Japan